Announcement: Happy International Translation Day!

Hi Y’all!

Just want to quickly wish everyone a happy international translation (and interpretation) day! Thanks to these wonderful individuals we are able to crossover the language barrier which would have otherwise inhibited us from enjoying certain things.

Go and wish your favourite translator a belated happy international translation day (since there’s only 3 minutes left before the day is over) xD.

Also, double the celebration! Because my birthday is tomorrow! So I’ll always remember international translation day! ;D

Announcement: The Monster We Call School

Hi Y’all!

This disappointing post is about SCHOOL. Here in Canada we return to school in September and quickly are devoured by the greedy time consuming monster. I’m writing to inform everyone of a sad truth that I won’t be able to update until maybe the holidays.

Yes. You will likely not fine an update until quite a while later. While I won’t be posting stuff here you are certainly well come to engage the creative parts of your brain and create fan fictions or fan arts! xD

I apologize for keeping everyone waiting but such is the reality of life. 😦

I hope everyone a happy Mid Auntum festival, then happy Canadian Thanksgiving, followed by Halloween!