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(this place might end up being a random info dump location…)

My email for this site is bearbeartranslations@gmail.com, contact for any inquiries or to tell me about how great bears are!

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Before I forget this myself, let me tell you how I got started with this~ (in point form)

  • BearBear was watching this…let’s just call it  documentary and it talked about forbidden love in Chinese history, what piqued my interest was the love story between Gao Yang Princess and a monk.
  • The documentary had a bunch of flashy pictures, one of them was super pretty so I went and Googled the two, found a crappy picture and decided Google image search it to find one that was of better quality.
  • I got distracted by all the other pretty pictures that also turned up along with the search, clicked into one of them and found Shushengbar.
  • I was super surprised that this was actually people who were eagerly trying to read Chinese novels, since I never saw or knew there was a market for them. I eagerly “signed up” and started translating. I have to admit, my passion lies in translation more than the novels.

  1. Bearbear likes bears, a lot! A LOT!
  2. Bearbear is Canadian, lives Toronto, making her a polar bear, but she’s secretly a panda 😀
  3. Bearbear has taught both Chinese and English before.
  4. Bearbear speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Knows how to say a few sentences in French and Spanish form school. Can read a little bit of hiragana.
  5. Bearbear’s birthday is on October 1st, Bearbeartranslations’ birthday (previously Bearbearcnovel) is on February 9th 2015. Wish us a happy birthday if you remember 🙂
  6. Bearbear likes old things, she also doesn’t get SUPER into a lot of things, except for maybe bears and translation.
  7. Bearbear is very picky about reading books, very VERY picky. Which is why it’s hard for her to find a good book she likes.
  8. Bearbear likes to cook and bake. She’s good with Japanese dishes but can do Chinese, “Western” and Korean as well. She likes to think her steaks are pretty good.
  9. Bearbear’s Siri always address Bearbear by saying “Your Highness I am Unworthy” because of reasons.
  10. Bearbear drinks green tea, pomegranate tea, passion fruit tea. Does not like Chai tea, doesn’t like to drink coffee. Does not understand the crazed obsession people have with Starbucks.
  11. Bearbear doesn’t drink.
  12. What’s bearbear’s poison? Chatime’s taro milk tea is made with real taro, that’s my poison.
  13. Bearbear HATES HATES HATES HATES MATH! I also don’t know how to do math. NOPE!
  14. Bearbear LOVES Tom Hiddleston and his voice, yup, even more than Benedict Cumberbatch’s. I have the app in which Tom reads poetry, as well as The Red Necklace, that audiobook he recorded. ❤ He’s wonderful isn’t he?
  15. Bearbear’s not really that into Korean Drama and Kpop, but did watch the insanely popular ones like My Lover From Another Star, and The Heirs, even though she didn’t finish any of the Korean Dramas she started.
  16. I think 霍建华 or Wallace Huo’s face is flawless and beautiful, but that’s speaking from a completely superficial perspective xD I’m still pretty selective on which if his dramas I watch. But he’s his face is indescribably alluring. >~<
  17. I have a  crush on 何晟铭 even more so than 冯绍峰, because Micky He’s voice is so beautiful and he can write really pretty calligraphy >~< so I like him a lot. His acting’s also out of this world >~<. I’m going to slowly watch his dramas. ❤ him so much!
  18. Bearbear is a perfectionist and has certain compulsive tendencies. Did you know I edit all my translations at least 4 times for each chapter? I’m kind of a perfectionist, if I want to do something it has to be perfect, or at least perfect to me.


  1. Celebrationmishca · October 6, 2016

    Hey. this is wuxia lover here. Would you be interested in joining my site as a translator? I am trying my best to grow a team. If it interest you please contact me. yes I love BL too, and we don’t have a bl novel on the site yet


  2. A la Nibs · January 5, 2016

    Hi, BearBear. I really loved your translation of Singing Spring Melody. I always freak out that the novels I like will disappear (like the website goes defunct). I always make backups of them. If it’s alright with you, can I post the downloadable version of Singing Spring Melody on my blog? Thank you. From Nibby.


  3. alyschu · August 13, 2015

    bearbear, do you have an email in which I can contact you with?

    if you don’t wish to publicize your email, you can email me at ohemgeexme@gmail.com


  4. Fuzzy · May 21, 2015

    Just found your site……..
    One word Love it …
    Keep it going would love to hear your take on anything too.
    Yes I love point form.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bearbear · May 21, 2015

      I fuzzy! Love your name >~< sounds so fuzzy and fluffy xD thank you for the words of encouragement! It really means a lot!


  5. Stella · May 16, 2015

    Hi~ I’m liking your translations so far! I admire how you’re fluent in 3 languages ^^.
    Do you have any tips on how to improve on reading & writing Chinese, as well as speaking Mandarin?


    • bearbear · May 16, 2015

      Since I sort of had the advantage of growing up with two languages (born in China and immigrating to Canada later) I might not know the best thing for someone who is learning from the beginning or is interested in learning Chinese. But I’ll just let you know some of the techniques that I know will improve language learning at any level. For speaking I’d suggest to practice by speaking to someone, but if you don’t have someone to practice with then I suggest an exercise called shadowing, in which you are watching and listening to someone speak and immediately repeating or shadowing their speech. It helps with listening and speaking and improves your focus. If you are in a Chinese speaking household but your Chinese isn’t so fluent if suggest always saying what you want to your parents/grandparents in Chinese and if you are stuck on a word, go look it up. This requires a lot of patience since it does seem easier to just speak English. For reading, reading a news clipping out loud each day is also helpful, doesn’t have to be too long or too complicated, just something to get you reading. The key is to practice a bit of something every day, since Chinese is a language that slowly leaves you no matter how fluent you used to be. My mother forgot how to write so many characters over the years, so the key is consistency and practice. So hopefully I’ve said something here that’s useful, I’ll stop rambling on 😉 good luck with everything!


  6. azurro4cielo · March 25, 2015

    Hi Bearbear 🙂
    Just found your blog
    You have very interesting way on make intro of yourself ^-^
    I like bear especially polar bear, green tea lover 😀


    • bearbear · March 25, 2015

      LOL I always thought that point form was the way to go if you ever want people to actually read stuff xD since it’s easier on the eyes compared to a paragraph. It’s so nice to see a fellow bear loving tea sipper xD hi5~


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