TTTBTM 那些男孩教我的事—Boy Number 10

Things That Those Boys Taught Me • Holy Angels Edition 那些男孩教我的事 • 圣天使版

Boy Number Ten: The Boy In The Tight Uniform

By:Kevin Tsai/Tsai Kang Yong/Cai Kang Yong 蔡康永

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The boy’s entire uniform was extremely tight, so tight that it made people feel uncomfortable.

“Your pants are very tight. It looks really good. And the shirt is so short too, it’s barely covering your stomach, it also looks really good, ” I told him.

“Did you think that I like wearing these? My mom took off with all of my dad’s money, so I don’t have any money to buy new uniforms. I don’t even have enough money for eating, let alone for uniforms,” he replied.

“Oh … it still looks pretty great.”

“You’re such an idiot,” he said.

We both fell silent for a while.

“Then … what about your tuition?” I asked.

“To hell with it, it’s better that I don’t have it, this way I won’t have to attend these stupid classes.” He looked up at all the classrooms angrily and then looked over at me and said, “everyone at this school is probably just like you, they don’t know what being poor means.”

I was at a loss for words.

“For fuck sakes, my dad’s such a dumbass, making me go to this school for rich kids, goddammit, everything is messed up now!”

There was a boy in our class whose family was loaded, but he’s an idiot.

He had asked me to go over to his place several times before to hang out.

So I went and found this classmate of mine, telling him that I’d go over to his house that night.

Once I was at his place, I asked him if his dad had a room for storing alcohol. He said that he did, so I requested to see it.

He took me to his dad’s wine cellar, and I chose a bottle of foreign liquor. There was a road that I often took, and I remembered that along the way, there was a liquor store. In the shop window, they had a bottle that I could somewhat remember, so I went by memory and picked a bottle of foreign liquor that looked pretty similar and had a similar label.

I told the classmate of mine to take the bottle off of the shelf and out of the room, then I told him to put the liquor into my backpack.

“What do you want the alcohol for?” He asked.

“I know how to make cocktails, but I’ll need this bottle of liquor, I’ll make you a drink once I’m done,” I lied.

He acknowledged with an “oh”, then put the bottle into my backpack.

The next day, I stood outside the liquor store window and carefully compared the bottle in the store with the bottle in my bag. And of course, they were the same, both the bottle and the words printed on the label were an exact match.

I went into the store and asked the owner how much it was for the bottle of liquor in the shop window, and he gave me a shockingly high price. So I took the bottle out from my bag and asked for half the price he was selling it for, and the owner bought it off of me.

Even though it was only half the price, it was still a lot of money. I put the money in my pocket, found Boy Number Ten, and gave the money to him.

“What’s this?” He asked.

“Money, for your tuition,” I answered.

He was in disbelief for about five seconds or so, then broke out in laughter, the sort of unashamed “ahhahaha” type of laughter.

I frowned, feeling confused.

“Did you really believe that pack of lies I told you? ! Ahhahahaha … you are killing me, why would my mom run off with my dad’s money, hahaha ….”

My mouth was wide open in disbelief, “Then … what about your uniform? 

“Uniform? Hahaha, oh right, my uniform ….” Boy Number Ten was laughing so hard that he’s got tears in his eyes. “No duh that I’ve got new uniforms, but they’re hideous. I don’t wanna wear them. Besides, the old ones look much cooler! Ha ….”

I took the money from his hand and gave it back to the dumb classmate of mine that stole alcohol from his family for me, telling him that I had broken the bottle, so the money was to pay him back.

He didn’t want it either. Telling me that it’s ok that I broke it, and that he’ll bring me another bottle tomorrow.

The boy wearing the tight uniform lied to me, and somehow made me gain a substantial sum of money, but perhaps he caused me to lose something somewhere else.

Translator’s Notes:

So how did you guys like the story? I know this would have definitely left an impression on me if it had happened to me. Indeed, I would have come into a large sum of money, but what I would have lost was my integrity, my trust in others and some faith in the goodness of humanity, both because I was lied to and because of what I’ve done to get the money.

The author had lied to someone else to help another person he felt for, but it turns out, in the end, he was lied to as well. It certainly was a cruel twist, and quite ironic as well.

But who knows, maybe isn’t is exactly what Tsai took away from this boy, or perhaps it’s something else entirely.

Who knows, only Kevin Tsai holds the answers. But share your thoughts with me if you’d like!

As always, please like, comment, and follow if you’ve enjoyed reading!~ Ciao! ❤

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