HBMJTT 狩猎美男之古旅—Chapter 05: Being Taken Care Of By A Lover

Hunting for Beautiful Men, a Journey Through Time 狩猎美男之古旅 (Volume 1)

Chapter Five: Being Taken Care Of By A Lover

Songs in the language of the gods—Slowly capturing Xiao Niu Zi’s heart, injuring myself won his trust, I climbed onto Xiao Niu Zi’s back.

By: stein

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I woke up early in the morning, took the paintings of the medicinal herbs that Uncle Liu drew me and prepared to go to Xiao Niu Zi’s house. I was going to take all of my belongings that I brought over from the present, so if I see an opportunity I could just run away. With the right prescription and medicinal herbs It’s not like I can’t find another doctor to prepare the medicine for me. But for some reason Uncle Liu insisted on personally seeing me off. How come he wasn’t this caring before? Could it be that he found out about my intentions of running away? I can’t arouse further suspicions, so I had to give up on the idea of taking my things and hitting the road.

When I got to Xiao Niu Zi’s house I saw that he was already packed and ready, and has waited for me for a while now. He intended on going into the mountains alone to gather the herbs, but I lied and claimed that I was starting to learn medicine from Uncle Liu, so I couldn’t pass up this valuable practical learning opportunity, and even showed him Uncle Liu’s paintings to make my lies seem more convincing. In the end, he had no choice but to agree to bring me along.

Before we left, Xiao Niu Zi took a few more steamed buns and put them into his cloth wrapped bundle. Huh? Are we going camping? Why do we need to bring food? As we walked, I found out from our conversations that a round-trip in and out of the mountains takes at least two days, so we have to spend a night in the mountains. So why didn’t anyone come and tell me this before? Then again, Uncle Liu and Xiao Niu Zi are both misers with words, if I don’t go and ask them, there is no way I can count on them coming to me and telling me anything.

I looked at how prepared Xiao Niu Zi was, with his food, weapon, little box for gathered herbs and whatnot. That bundle of his might not look big, but it sure has everything. Then I looked at myself, all I had were a few paintings, and I ended up stuffing those into Xiao Niu Zi’s bundle. (Did you really think you came here sightseeing?) This once again proves my earlier point, that the guys in the village really were essential for traveling and home purposes. (You are so shameless! >_<)

The clear blue sky was flecked with white clouds, I breathed in the clean air from ancient times, enjoying my first hiking experience. (You are here to gather medicinal herbs, how did you forget about it so soon?)  With my escort whom I’d like to lay my hands on here to protect me, I was suddenly in a good mood, feeling relaxed and at ease. (Did you already forget about how this morning you were thinking of running away? How oblivious and absent-minded are you?)

Being in such high spirits, I began to sing. I really have to say, singing in the mountains is just as good as singing in those special karaoke booths, perhaps it’s the echo, but I think my singing has never been so loud and clear before. And it seems that mountain folk songs really do sound better being sang in the mountains. I started off with “Folk Song to The Party”,[1] because this song best describes how I feel right now. The mountain folk song I sang is truer than true and more real than real, I’m not even afraid even if you call in to the Consumer’s Association, because the quality is guaranteed. Then I sang my favourite themes from Japanese dramas, TOP10 German hits, as well as European and American classics, humming along when I forget the lyrics. Hey, it’s not like anyone has heard of the original songs before.

When he heard me sing the first Chinese song, Xiao Niu Zi’s expression was still staid and static. But when he heard the foreign language songs, he couldn’t help but to look over at me, slightly perplexed and with a hint of appreciation, and subtly enjoying in retrospect.

Muahahaha, so you finally understand my charms now eh? I really wanted to pull him over by his chin, close in on his lips and whisper to him teasingly, “Did you fall for me?” But, these are only for my own imagination, I’m afraid to put it into action, for fear of offending the innocent young man before me. (Author: You shameless indecent woman. =_=|||, why didn’t your true nature show when you were studying abroad? Was it because you finally finished with your studies, but ended up traveling to the past because of me, and somehow some part of your mind finally snapped because of this? Lead Female Pig: See, this is where you are wrong. This is called “when the enemy advances I retreat, when the enemy retreats I advance”. Those foreign guys were too forward and too passionate, the only thing I could do was to retreat, there was no chance to showcase my potential!)

I carefully studied Xiao Niu Zi, he was tall, strong, and well-built. Though his face was ordinary, but he had a pair of dark eyes deeper than the ocean on a quiet night, within those eyes were such unsurmisable calm and profoundness.  And they were just so familiar looking.

Just when I felt thirsty from singing, Xiao Niu Zi quietly handed me his water pouch, this act of consideration really did move me a bit. It’s hard to find  a man that’s so thoughtful and down-to-earth without being filled with sweet talk and blandishments. I took the water pouch and took two gulps, then handed it back to him, thinking that he might also take a sip. But he hesitated and put the pouch back.

Once I stopped singing I realized how boring it was for two people to walk without talking. My ears were filled with the crisp and melodious chirping of birds, and the air hung with the pleasant sweet fragrance of flowers, everything around us was so romantic! But if he was to play the role of the male lead, then it’s going to be difficult to play out a romantic scene.

We walked in silence for a long time, and I was starting to feel a little tired, my steps were no longer as brisk as when I was singing. The roadside scenery has long lost its novelty, and the quiet trip was starting to make my steps feel especially heavy. Xiao Niu Zi noticed the change in my pace and adjusted his speed to match my stride.

I broke the silence first and asked, “When will we reach the mountain with the medicinal herbs?”


“Are we picking them tonight?”

“We’ll pick them tomorrow after sunrise, then head down from the mountains.”

Then once again, we fell into silence. Gradually, my feet began aching more and more. I furrowed my brows even more so than before and had a pained look on my face, finally, he decided to talk, meaning my sufferings were not in vain. (Are you crazy? Self-mutilation in exchange for a few words from him?)

“Is something the matter?”

“I think I’m getting blisters on my feet, can we take a break for now?”

“There’s a small stream up in front, let’s go and rest there.”

Once I got to the small stream I plopped my butt down right away, he paused for a moment, surprised, and I got a little embarrassed. I guess back in the present this would probably be nothing, but here in ancient times this would likely be considered as rude and vulgar behaviour. I carefully took off my shoes, and sure enough, there were blisters. Seeing this, I couldn’t help but miss the comforts of modern-day life. Airplanes, trains, cars and bicycles, I miss you guys!! (Author: When other people leap through time the first thing they miss are their parents and loved ones. But you weirdo! The first thing you miss were the transportations!? Did you forget how your parents raised you!? =_=)

Although there were insoles in these cloth shoes, but they still can’t compare to running shoes. I wore these shoes and walked a distance longer than I had to for military education and training,[2] on top of that, it’s on mountain roads. So you can probably understand the pain I’m feeling, the terrible state my feet are in, and the strong yearning I have for modern transportation.

“My feet’s got blisters on them.” I stretched out my hooves and wanted to show him, then I realized that from the moment I removed my shoes, Xiao Niu Zi immediately looked away. I remember my grandma saying that back in the day, if a man saw a girl’s feet then she has to marry that man. But she’s talking about the young ladies from respectable families, at most I could be considered to be a wild village broad, so I don’t count.

I soaked my feet in the stream, the cool water seeped into my burning skin, instantly relieving me from the pain.

“Xiao Niu Zi, how long are you going to look away for? Be careful you don’t get neck cramps. I actually don’t mind if you look, it’s only the two of us here, if neither of us says anything, who will know?”

When my feet finally stopped hurting so much, I knelt by the stream and washed my face, then picked up a handful of water to drink, immediately feeling cool and relieved. (Author: You washed your feet and your face, and THEN remembered to drink the water. What kind of properties does your feet and face water have, making you feel all relieved? >_<) Xiao Niu Zi finally walked over, filled his hands with water and took a drink, then took out his water pouch and filled it up. (Lead Female Pig yelling at the author: DID YOU SEE THAT!? Xiao Niu Zi is saving my feet water to savour later! Author: >_<)

I sat on the grass by the stream, Xiao Niu Zi handed me a steamed bun. I thought it was a little dry so I ate it with the pouch of my feet water, but Xiao Niu Zi just continued to chew on the dry bun. Did he realize that this was my feet water, so he’s going to let me consume what I produced? I guess you can’t tell by just looking at him, but he’s actually pretty smart. (Author: Xiao Niu Zi wasn’t thinking that.)

“The song you were singing back there, what language were they in?” Wow, did pigs suddenly sprout wings and fly? Or is Xiao Niu Zi actually initiating a conversation with me? I sat there, frozen in disbelief.

“Umm ….” Seeing how I was staring at him and blanking out, he got a little embarrassed.

“Oh, that’s the ancient language of the gods, it’s what the deities of the ancient times spoke, it’s an almost extinct language.” I quickly answered after I finally snapped out of it. (Author: =_=||| You giant liar, if it’s almost extinct then how do you know it!? Lead Female Pig: Oh well, there isn’t anyone here to expose my lies.  Plus, once I forget how to speak those foreign languages then they will finally be completely extinct.)

“The songs were really good.” Xiao Niu Zi said sincerely.

He didn’t have a single bit of doubt after hearing that I know the ancient language of the gods? He seemed as if it all made complete sense.

Xiao Niu Zi plucked a leaf and placed it between his lips, then he started to play a tune, the sound was crisp and pleasant. It’s hard to believe, but he actually managed to play all of the songs I sang back there, all except for “Folk Song to The Party”. I’m so sorry to the Communist Party, I wasn’t able to give a good performance on the song praising you guys, he didn’t remember the song at all. But then I thought, that was the only Chinese song that I sang, perhaps it’s because he understood the meaning of the lyrics, so he didn’t listen to it carefully.

Anyway, Xiao Niu Zi was really quite remarkable. He was able to make such loud and clear music with a piece of leaf, speaking from an acoustic vibrations perspective, the strength of his mouth was probably quite impressive, the force with which he breathed out air was also something, his lungs probably have a very large vital capacity. Drawing from this observation, his kisses are probably powerful and lasting. (Author: What is that perverted woman thinking, if your professor found out that you learned physics to analyze the effects of kissing, he’s probably gonna die of a heart attack.)

Xiao Niu Zi’s face gradually turned an alluring shade of red, was he getting short of breath? Oh, he was actually feeling embarrassed because I kept staring at his lips. But you can’t blame me, you looked so enticing and attractive with your red luscious lips. Besides, I was totally studying your lips from a scientific perspective, definitely not sexually or erotically.

I shifted my gaze and looked down at the blisters on my feet. Xiao Niu Zi stopped playing, then took a silver needle out of nowhere, “We have to prick open the blisters and apply medicine.” He said as he reached out for my foot, then hesitated for a moment, his hand froze midway.

I looked at him anxiously, I’m waiting for help here okay!? Stop being so slow man! This is an emergency! Instead of waiting for him I simply stuck my foot into his hand, he seems to have been startled by my actions and looked at me with wide eyes. I didn’t want to stay here and look him in the eyes so I looked down at my foot, avoiding his shocked expression. Then he returned to normal and held my foot in his right hand, using the silver needle in his left hand to prick the blisters. I could feel the hand he had on my foot trembling slightly. Oh man, please don’t tell me you are a quack! You are shaking like an old lady with a tiny needle!

“Ouch … it hurts!”

He looked up at me and said softly, “It’ll be over soon.”

It’s bleeding! I hurried to fumble through the bundle for Uncle Liu’s paintings, temporarily soaking up the blood.

After he helped me prick open all the blisters, Xiao Niu Zi pulled out a tiny white porcelain bottle from his jacket and lightly applied medicine. I felt like I was being taken care of by a lover, and was lost in my thoughts for a moment. After he finished applying the medicine, he took out a silk handkerchief and tore it in two, wrapping them neatly around my feet. Xiao Niu Zi doesn’t seem to be doing all that well, he definitely doesn’t look like someone that could afford such a high quality silk handkerchief, was this some token of love given to him by a girl?

Xiao Niu Zi carefully helped me put my shoes back on, then went to the stream and filled the water pouch once again. He came back and pulled me up, frowning when he saw me wincing in pain from standing up.

“I’ll carry you the rest of the way.” Xiao Niu Zi said, asking for my permission.

“Okay.” I’d love to! So I climbed up onto Xiao Niu Zi’s back.

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Translator’s Notes:

I translated this and it sat there in my computer waiting for me to correct and edit while I was frantically cleaning my apartment, since I’m living alone and a family member is coming to visit >~>. I didn’t want to “lose face” so I wanted to polish the place up before they come over to visit. For anyone waiting for the next chapter of Singing Spring Melody, I still haven’t started on the next chapter, so you might have to wait a little while longer.

Also, I just read Red Bean Lyrics and Simple Husband Song again today, now I’m on Hell King’s Order. I got distracted by 康熙来了 but I’ll finish reading all the book soon. I missed how funny they were.

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1 唱支山歌给党听 or Fold Song to The Party an INSANELY popular song back in the old days, it’s another patriotic song, but this time it’s praising the communist party of China, or The Party. My mom said that it was a “magical brainwashing tune” since it was playing on all the radios and on TV. She could even sing a little bit of it. I was amazed because she can’t remember how to sing any songs, even if she really likes them. You can listen to it here —>LINK.
2 Military education and training are mandatory for Chinese students after elementary school and during the first year of university. Read more about it here —>LINK



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  2. Sama · April 1, 2015

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